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The Department Encourages Your Participation

Dear Florida Educator:

Thank you for your interest in the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE). The Florida Department of Education (the Department) encourages your participation in test development activities for the FTCE.

FTCE Program Information

Florida law requires that teachers demonstrate mastery of basic skills, professional knowledge, and content area of specialization. Testing requirements for teacher candidates seeking certification are described in Section 1012.56, Florida Statutes (FS), and in Rule 6A-4.0021, Florida Administrative Code (FAC).

The FTCE allows educator candidates to demonstrate their mastery of general knowledge, professional education competence, and subject area knowledge. The tests are designed to be aligned with the relevant state-approved standards. For more information about the FTCE visit www.fldoe.org/accountability/assessments/postsecondary-assessment/ftce/.

The Department has contracted with the Evaluation Systems group of Pearson to assist with FTCE test development and administration activities.

Involvement of Florida Educators in FTCE Development

The Department has initiated activities to review and update the FTCE. The Department is committed to involving educators in all aspects of the test development process. Educator involvement helps to ensure that certified teachers have the knowledge and skills that are important to do the job of an educator in Florida public schools. The involvement of Florida public school educators and faculty is critical. Exemplary committees will be formed to represent various institutions, professional backgrounds, minority groups, and regions of Florida.

Test Development Activities

Many opportunities are available for educators to assist the Department with test development for the FTCE. Activities may include assistance with pilot testing or the development, revision, or validation of
  • competencies and skills,
  • item specifications,
  • test items,
  • test forms, or
  • test information guides.

In addition, you may be asked to participate in one of the following meetings:

Marker Response Selection Meeting
During a Marker Response Selection Meeting, a committee of Florida educators will be asked to review materials that will be used to orient raters to score written responses to writing prompts.

Sensitivity and Bias Review Meeting
During a Sensitivity and Bias Review Meeting, a committee of Florida educators are asked to review items for sensitivity and bias, as well for other specified item review criteria. Committee members will also ensure that items are aligned to state-adopted standards.

Standard Setting Meeting
During a Standard Setting Meeting, a committee of Florida educators are asked to take a test form and then review every item providing an expert judgment on the performance of acceptably qualified Florida educators. The Bureau of Postsecondary Assessment will then take the committee recommendation to the State Board of Education for review and approval.

The Department encourages your participation in one or more of these FTCE test development activities. Your input is vital to the strength of the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations and to the future recruitment and retention of a reliable and valid teaching force. Please use this website to find more information about the development process and to apply for committee involvement.

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